F CLASS Long Range 1000 yd CHAMPIONS

Yr          Class            Name                                       Score
2010        open        Del Howard,  ID                           938-20x
               Target      Aaron Clark, MT                          893-18x
2011        open       Gary Evans,  WY                          935-13x 
               Target     Dan Reaume                                 879-4x   
2012        open       Gary Evans, WY                           965-19x       
               Target     Gary LaValley,  MN                      922-14x  
2013        open       Chris Ford,  NE                             963-33x
               Target     Brenda LaValley, MN                    896-11
2014        open       Chris Ford, NE                              977-46
              Target      Ervin Morse, SD                           940-20
2015        open       Chris Ford, NE                              966-31
              Target      Dave Urasky, WY                         927-20
2016         open      Jason McCormick                          970-25x
              Target      Joseph Wade                                 940-15x

2017         open      Jason McCormick                          977-37x
                open      Tim Eicher                                    977-34x (Hi Wy. Resident)
              Target      Josh Peterson                                951-17x

2018         open      David Gosnell                                979-45
                             Cindi Baudhuin                              968-30 (High Wy. Resident)
              Target      Joseph Wade                                 953-28
                             Josh Peterson                                941-24 (High Wy. Resident)

2019         open      Gerald Shoup                                784-24           
              Target      Lack of Competitors Present 


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