F CLASS Mid Range 600 yd CHAMPIONS


Yr 	Class 	Name 					Score
2010 	Open 	Paul Jones Casper 		580-21x

2011 	Open 	Gary Evans Casper 	570-21x

2012 	Open 	Gary Evans Casper 	585-19x

2013 	Open 	Gary Evans Casper 	587-27x
		Target 	Gary LaValle Mn. 		563-9x

2014 	Open	Chris Ford Neb.		592-28x
		Target	Ervin Morse Sd.     		574-18x

2015	Open 	Chris Ford Neb. 		592-32x
		Target 	Rob Morris Wy. 		585-26x
2016 	Open     Chris Ford Neb. 		593-26x
		Target 	Dave Urasky 			573-17x
2017	Open 	Pat Varland 			594-35x
		Open 	Gary Evans 			591-28x (Hi Wy. Resident)
		Target 	Gary LaValley 		579-22x
2018 	Open	Geddy Northup 		996-64
		Target	Dan Van Galder 		960-25
2019 	Open	Don Northrup 		599-22	
		Target	Nathan Kuehl 			588-22
2020 	Open	Chris Ford 			994-60
		Open 	Quinn Myahll 		994-52 (Hi Wy. Resident)
		Target 	Evin Morse 			987-42
2021 	Open	Roger Mayhall 		999-56
		Open 	Gary Evans 			995-60 (Hi Wy. Resident)
		Target 	Anthony Jordan		981-52
		Target	Brenda Ariosto		974-33 (Hi Wy. Resident)


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