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  2023 State USA Shooting Junior Olympic Match
Making sure that gold is real!

Prone position.

 Some metals and Buckle awards.

Getting ready to go.
Taking Careful Aim.

 Watch this guys.
Kneeling position.

 Some Winners.


 Some Winners.


 Junior Shooter Winners.
 Some more Winners.


Lots of shooters and coaches.
 Some Shooters and Coaches.
Awards and hats.

2023 CMP Games

 Some Old People that shot in the CMP Games Matches

   2023 Wyoming Black Powder Midrange State Championship

 Black Powder Target Rifle Shooters.


2023 Wyoming Mid-Range NRA State Championship

Wyoming NRA State Mid Range Champions
Shooters in Casper. 

  Wyoming State Champs, F-Open= Don Northrup,
FTR= Nathan Kuehl, Sling= Kenny Lankford

Nate Moseman FO Match Winner and High Junior Shooter. 

 Haleigh Pickett FTR Champ and Hi Lady Shooter.

Kenny Lankford Sling Champ


2023 Wyoming Championship Rifle Silhouette
Some Silhouette Shooters and prizes. 

Some Silhouette Range Officers and Shooters.

 Small Bore Silhouette Shooters Doing their thing.

Silhouette Match Winners Scott Larson SB & SB Hunting, Sheldon Brady 2nd AA Hp, Georgette Bradley Hi Lady & David Bonner Hp/Hp Hunting

2023 Wyoming State High Power Rifle Championship

 Trophy's and High Power Rifle Competitor for 2023 matches.

  2023 Wyoming Service Rifle Championship

 Service Rifle Competitors.


2023 M-1 Raffle Winner

 M-1 Garand Winner Mr. Heath Harrower 






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