2010        Match Rifle      Roy Bane, Laramie  WY                         567-13x

                Service Rifle     Paul Ward,    Cheyenne  WY                 536-10x


2011        Match Rifle       Roy Bane, Laramie  WY                        577-18x

                Service Rifle      Jacob Schepp, Cheyenne  WY              559-11x also Hi JR


2012        Match Rifle   Kenny Lankford, Laramie, WY                584-23x

                Service Rifle   Phillip Morgan, Laramie, WY                  552-13x


2013        Match Rifle       Neil Adams,  Billings,  MT                     582-12x

               Service Rifle      Phillip Morgan,  Laramie,  WY             546-11x


2014       Match Rifle        Neil Adams, Billings,  MT                      577-20x

               Service Rifle      Tom Helak, Gillette                                 572-17x


2015       Match Rifle       Neil Adams,  Billings, MT                       596-27x

               Service Rifle      Tom Helak,  Gillette                                574-12x

2016       Match Rifle       Nick Nickelson,  Worland                       587-21x

               Service Rifle      Tom Helak,  Gillette                                565-15x


2017       Match Rifle       Wes McElhinny,  Worland                      585-22x

               Service Rifle      Randy Faust                                             577-17x


2018       Match Rifle       Kenny Lankford                                      1000-62x

               Service Rifle      Lack of Competitors Present






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